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Honda scooters for rent

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Honda is one of the most popular scooters and motorbikes brand in Bali. Their very comfortable and easy-to-ride models are very well-known and used by many tourists and locals in Bali and all over in Indonesia. Rent Honda mopeds with us and you will enjoy full-comfort riding around the Bali island and spend your holidays with safety and joy. We cover you with our motorbikes insuranse 24/7 and support you in all road situations you might have.

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sport scooter 150cc

Honda Vario 150

Engine: 150cc

Honda Vario 150 is expected to be a flagship product Honda scooter that is able to answer all expectations scooter lovers in the country. This Honda model is an automatic scooter engine capacity of 150 cc first produced in Bali. Rent it with insurance and enjoy a sporty style.

scooter 125cc

Honda Vario 125

Engine: 125cc

Honda Vario 125 model is equipped with ESP (Enhanced Smart Power) engine capacity of 125 cc. This scooters are everywhere in Bali. Riding them is really comfortable and rental price less then 10$ per day, this makes it one of the best choices for tourists.

stylish scooter 110cc

Honda Scoopy

Engine: 110cc

Honda Scoopy is an automatic scooter from Honda that comes with a classic retro design that is equipped with modern technology features and reliable performance. Book it online and we will deliver it to your hotel with helmets and raincoats.

street scooter 110cc

Honda Beat

Engine: 110cc

Honda Beat scooter is a light weight stylish scooter. R&D of Honda has developed this 110cc scooter targeting specially the young age and stylish commuter users of Asian market. It is ideally fit to low girls and guys and easy-to-ride. We can install surfracks on this scooter as well.

Kawasaki motorbikes for rent

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Kawasaki is well-known brand all over the world nowadays. We are happy to announce that we added a lot of Kawasaki models to our park: Ninja, Pulsar, Custom, Z250 etc. Our motorbikes for rent are high-maintaned and great looking specially for our customers.

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sport motorbike 250cc

Kawasaki Ninja

Engine: 250cc

Kawasaki Ninja 250 ABS Special Edition differentiates itself from the regular Ninja 250 by means of a large visor, slightly different tailpiece, and a special black livery with red and silver accents. The motorcycle is powered by a 249 cc twin-cylinder water-cooled engine which is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Ninja is a great choice for rent in Bali for expirienced motorbikers.

custom style motorbike 200cc

Kawasaki Custom Pulsar

Engine: 200cc

Kawasaki Custom Pulsar - there is clearly no doubt that this is a handsome looking bike, especially with the yellow paint job. Riding the Pulsar is a simple affair, it is commuter friendly than it looks. It is a perfect motorbike for rent to manoeuvre the bike in city traffic. The seat height is also higher and coupled with the short wheelbase, it gives better agility to the bike.

sport motorbike 250cc

Kawasaki Z250

Engine: 250cc

Kawasaki Z250 with aggressive street-fighter design created for rider-friendly response. Its muscular bodywork hints at the bike's performance, while ensuring that the Z250 stands out from the crowd. In both looks and performance, the Z250 has what it takes to get noticed. So you will be a road star riding it. Rent it with fullface helmets and insurance and enjoy your Bali holiday.

motorbike 200cc

Kawasaki Pulsar

Engine: 200cc

Kawasaki Pulsar is a classic version of Kawasaki street motorbikes. The design will meet the needs of a wider range of customers than current Kawasaki models, accommodating even entry-level riders. This model is in very demand among tourists and locals. We are proud to provide a high maintenance of this model. Rent Kawasaki pulsar for less then 20$ per day.

Yamaha maxi-scooters for rent

Most famous maxi-scooters for rent in Bali

Yamaha brand is one the most popular in Bali thanks to Nmax and Aerox models. They blowed a regular demand and became TOP 3 tourists' and locals' choices. Everybody enjoy a ride on these models.

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maxi-scooter 155cc

Yamaha Nmax

Engine: 155cc

Yamaha Nmax 155cc is a popular maxi-scooter for rent in Bali. Not only because of its' perfect body that makes your rides very comfortable but because of a great design and powerful engine with special VVA technology, ABS system, disc brake, fuel injection and SOHC. It creates a new and superb feeling in your daily trip on the road. Rent this new Yamaha in Bali.

sport scooter 155cc

Yamaha Aerox

Engine: 155cc

Yamaha Aerox is the newest model from the well-known brand in Bali. It became a popular scooter in Bali in 2017, prompting us to take an attantion to it. The modern features and specifications of the Yamaha Aerox pushed this vehicle to a higher level then it's competitiors, and it goes against previous impressions that it is good only as a daily suburb.

maxi-scooter 250cc

Yamaha Xmax

Engine: 250cc

Yamaha Xmax 250cc is a great and powerful road warrior from Yamaha. This maxi-scooter is quite attractive to all tourists and locals in Bali. Fuel-injection, single cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooling, SOHC, 4-valves and its sporty attitude is clearly identifiable, thanks to sleek bodywork and a rigid, lightweight frame. Rent Yamaha Xmax today and make your holidays be the best.

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